Hello, World!

01 February 2024

A while back I decided to restart this blog, deleted all the old posts and wrote a pretty long post about my first experiences with the DevTerm, a pretty small portable computer with a retro-inspired design. I actually had plans to follow up on that post, but as it often happens, life got into the way. Today I decided it was time to write some more on the blog, perhaps describing my how I switched from Windows 11 to Manjaro Linux on my main gaming PC, or about how much I love the new Steamdeck OLED but to my horror I found out my blog had been hacked. Instead of my post about me trying to get this portable PC to work, there were about 120 spam posts praising various questionable products.

It took me a couple of seconds to find out what my mistake was. It struck me like lightning when I remembered that I had forgotten to change my admin password from the simple one I used to set everything up to something secure. It was totally a rookie mistake. Since I didn't know what the hackers had messed with aside from deleting my posts and replacing it by spam, I decided to kill the whole site and move from Wordpress (which has been overkill anyway), to a much simpler blogging solution. So I eventually installed WonderCMS which should fit my current purposes perfectly.

I also found out that there are plugins to secure one's self-hosted Wordpress installation by two-factor authentication, so there's that. So while I did lose a perfectly fine post, I did learn an important lesson and got the chance to play around with a shiny new CMS ... win-win!