A Fresh Start

Some of you might have noticed that I deleted all my old posts a while back. This had several reasons. For one I was not happy with the quality of the content I put out. Sure, Planet Stargazer was (and still is) a more casual place for me to formulate my thoughts and share my ideas, but some of the posts actually were pretty cringe worthy.

I also wanted to give this blog a new start. I haven’t blogged here in ages and starting with a fresh canvas hopefully helps to get the creative juices flowing again. There are still a lot of topics beside tabletop gaming I want to write about and I hope this blog will fulfil the need to scratch that particular itch.

So what kind of content can you expect? Aside from being a tabletop roleplaying game fan and amateur designer, I am also interested in a lot of tech-related topics. Over the years I acquired quite a few tech gadgets I might write about. I am also still chasing my personal white whale: writing my own old-school tile-based computer roleplaying game in the style of the early Ultima games. Over the years I have checked out various game engines and frameworks including GameMaker Studio, LÖVE for LUA and Godot. I have no formal training in programming, but perhaps my insights might prove useful nevertheless.

There will be more personal posts as well. I have always been quite open about my mental health issues and a part of dealing with them is writing about them. I am also a very political person, so there might be the occasional post in which I lament the state of the world, bash capitalism and share my ideas about a socialist utopia. Don’t worry, this will probably not the main focus of the blog.

What I am really hoping for is some feedback from you folks. Sure, writing is often a reward in its own, but I really hope to get into discussions with my readers. If you enjoy any of my posts, please leave a comment, and share it with your friends. I am also open to criticism but please keep it civil and constructive. We’re all friends here, aren’t we?

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