Pixels … Oh My!

Yesterday I noticed that the Adam Sandler movie Pixels was on Netflix. Even though I’ve heard that the film was really, really bad, I decided to watch it anyway. Has the movie been a disappointment? No, since I didn’t expect much. It even had a couple of funny moments. Unfortunately it is obvious that noone involved in this movie put any effort into it. The story had plot holes so large, you could squeeze a house-sized pacman through them. Sure, it’s a movie about 1980s Arcade games characters attacking Earth, but it should have at least tried to follow it’s own rules.

The silliest scene in the movie is when the heroes find out that Peter Dinklage’s character used cheats in their real-life fight with Pacman. Don’t ask me, how this is supposed to work. And yes, Peter Dinklage is in the movie, and even he can’t really save it. Overall there are so many inconsistencies, it’s not funny anymore. The acting was uninspired and the majority of the “jokes” were not really funny. The only redeeming value were the CGI effects and the ‘80s nostalgia that sometimes shone through. But overall it felt as if the people actually making this movie didn’t share this nostalgia. It’s a shame. This could have been a really awesome movie…

One last thing: the CGI Max Headroom looks terrible. I definitely prefer the original.

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