Spam is killing me!

Not literaly of course, but spam emails basically rendered several of my email accounts unusable. Unfortunately I haven’t found a good way to deal with this. Since these accounts are not used for any super-important stuff, ignoring the problem works for a while, but in the long run I really need a solution. My main email addresses are from Gmail. And you know what? I have basically no problems with spam. Gmail automatically identifies 99.9% of all spam emails and hides them away in the spam folder. Problem solved! False positives are not a big problem.

Alas I also have an address (which I use for everything Microsoft-related) and an address provided by my hosting provider. With both accounts I have massive spam issues. The ratio between proper emails and spam is probably around 1:100. I wish I had Gmail-like spam filters for these accounts as well, but I don’t. Things are made even harder by the fact that there are some idiots out there who sign up for services using my email address. Don’t ask me how many times people try to sign up for services like Paypal, Twitter, Facebook, etc. using my address. So I have to deal with repeated authentification emails as well, when they realize they didn’t get those in the first place. No surprise there, idiot, they are in my inbox!

Unfortunately’s spam filter doesn’t do anything and I get the feeling my hosting provider doesn’t even attempt to filter emails. I could forward all those emails to Gmail accounts and let their spam filter do the heavy hauling for me, BUT that’s not something I really want to do. Switching between several Google accounts is a chore. A perfect solution would be a spam filter included in an email desktop client. Since I can’t (or won’t) change anything on the server-side, perhaps there’s something to be done on the client side? Do you guys know of a solution to my problem? Is there a piece of software that helps me to deal with all this spam while keeping my sanity (or at least the few shreds still left)? Any advice would be appreciated!

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  1. Why do you feel that working with several Google-Accounts is a pain? I constantly juggle three or four Google-Accounts in the office (though not for E-Mail but other Google services) and feel that it is not too bad. Google actualy works at making it easier to work with multiple accounts. For example I can easily change my active account in most Google Android-Apps.
    Otherwise I am quite happy with the service GMX provides – though the propper Spam-Filter is propably part of the premium package.

    I feel your pain about people using your E-Mail by mistake. My Googlemail-Adress (which I hardly use) was once registered by some brasilian guy on Facebook and Facebook kept on asking me to log in again. And somebody registered my mail with some florist on the US East Coast and I always get his order confirmations etc. Seems to be a risk associated with such a huge international provider like googlemail.

    1. I think it’s just one of those things I get quickly annoyed with. It’s probably not 100% rational. 😛 I also realized that I don’t need to juggle several accounts if I just funnel all my email into one Gmail account. It took me a while to set everything up, but I hope this will solve my spam issue. At least until Google or one of the mail providers decides to change how things work…

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