Some thoughts on Firewatch

Firewatch is an indie adventure game by developer Campo Santo available on Steam and PS4. Yesterday I bought it and played through it in one four hour session. That’s not a very long playtime for a game which costs about 15€. But I am not disappointed. Firewatch is definitely one of the more impressive games I’ve played in recent weeks and I enjoyed these four hours tremendously.


Gameplaywise Firewatch is mostly a walking simulator. There are no puzzles to speak of and no combat. But what really sets the game apart is the story and the voice-acting. You play the role of Henry, a volunteer firewatcher whose only contact is Delilah, his supervisor and fellow firewatcher who you can contact via radio only. When interacting with her you can usually choose from multiple answers and what you say influences the relationship between you and Delilah.

From what I’ve gathered, Firewatch is pretty linear, BUT the relationship between you and your supervisor is unique and changes depending on your choices. The voice-acting is among the best I’ve encountered so far, even if compared to AAA titles. The graphics are not photo-realistic but reminded me of the style used by Telltale in their adventure games. Overall Firewatch is definitely a good looking and awesome sounding game.


But what really makes the game stand out is the fact that it tells a very personal story that’s exciting to the last minute. Even though it was way past 3 am, I just couldn’t stop playing. I wanted to know how things turn out in the end. I wholeheartedly recommend this game to you. If you are still unsure whether it’s for you, wait for a sale. But you should definitely play it.

P.S.: The artwork in this post are photos taken ingame which you can actually get developed and sent to you. This is actually a pretty interesting offer and fits well to the 1980s vibe the games’ radiating.

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