The best headphones you can get for 25€

Recently I looked for a replacement for my current headphones which I am using on my OnePlus One. I mostly use a low-priced Sennheiser headset which has pretty good sound, but lacks a microphone and a remote control. While looking for alternatives I read about Amazon’s Premium Headset. I have bought Amazon-branded products before and usually the quality is great while the price is low, so I gave it a chance.

The headphones remind me a lot of the current iPhone headphones. The shape of the earbuds is almost identical and they sound and fit great (at least for me). They don’t close the ear canal completely, so it’s a great alternative for people who don’t like in-ears. Of course the sound quality can not be compared to something like the Ultimate Ears TripleFi, but they are at least on par with my Sennheiser headphones (which were in the same price range as the Amazon ones).

What I really like is that the lower part of the cord (below the remote control) is flat and doesn’t tangle when you carry the headphones in a pocket. You can also attach the earbuds to each other magnetically, which helps to further reduce any tangling.

The remote control has volume control and a button which allows you to pick up incoming calls or play/pause music. A double-press jumps to the next song on the playlist. It should work well with any Android phone, but I’ve read reviews that the remote doesn’t play well with Apple products. Since I don’t own any recent iPhones or iPads I can’t confirm this, but if you own an Apple product, you should do some further research. I haven’t been able to test the microphone yet, but from what I’ve read on the internet the quality should be fine.

All things considered the Amazon Premium headphones are the best headphones you can buy in that price range. The cord is genius and is a welcome change from the tangled mess you usually have to deal with. Sound quality is great and the earbuds have a great fit. If you’re looking for some new headphones you should definitly check them out!

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