Recently I started using the new Vivaldi browser as my standard browser. I know that the current version (Vivaldi is still in development) is not meant for productive use, but I wanted to know how well it actually works. And the only way to find out is to use it for a while. But before going into details let me share some background information first: Vivaldi is being developed by some former Opera devs. Vivaldi is based off Chromium but adds a couple of interesting features. For example you can stack tabs and even show two websites side by side in one browser window. You can take notes directly in the browser and later versions will feature a fully-fledged email client.

What I like about Vivaldi:

  • The UI looks pretty sweet and reminds me a lot of Windows 10
  • It’s compatible with Chrome extensions (alas buttons are not shown)
  • The side panels for downloads, bookmarks etc. are very handy

What I don’t like about Vivaldi:

  • It’s still terribly buggy and sometimes pretty slow
  • Basically every website tells me that I have to update my browser (I have to use a User Agent Switcher to remedy this)
  • It can’t replace Chrome completely (yet)

Overall I am pretty happy with Vivaldi. It looks nice, works pretty well for an early version and since it’s compatible to Chrome extensions it might even replace Chrome (which I normally use) in the long run. Alas it’s not really ready for prime time at the moment. Sometimes sites fail to load completely, or browser tabs crash without any reason. I also have the impression that the current version of Vivaldi is even a worse memory hog than Chrome itself. But I think Vivaldi is a browser worth checking out.

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