To Linux or Not to Linux?

Over the years I – an avid Windows user – have always kept an eye on what’s new in the Linux world. Several Linux distributions have piqued my interest over the years. But even though I dabbled with Linux it never became my number one OS. The main reason is probably that I love to play computer games and the vast majority of games hasn’t been ported to Linux yet.

I’ve had some hopes for Steam OS, but it’s not meant as a replacement for Windows but more like the OS for a Linux-powered console. One Linux distribution in particular has caught my eye lately: Elementary OS. It looks a bit like MacOS X and has been praised by fans and critics alike. But again, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll use it on my main PC.

But I recently acquired a Windows-based tablet, which should run Linux as well. Since it’s a different beast than my main gaming machine, I could try using Elementary OS on it. I don’t play that many games on my tablet anyway. BUT I have no clue how well the various Linux distributions support touchscreens if at all. Has anyone of you tried to install Elementary OS or a similar Linux distro on a Acer Aspire Switch 10? Please share your experiences below.

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